Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, has come to a close. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn had quite a large presence there, possibly even topping last year’s Gamescom where we saw the very first footage of A Realm Reborn in-action. If you didn’t catch any of the news this year, don’t worry! Here’s a brief overview of what you missed.

Yoshida himself was there along with other members of the team. He gave a short presentation and signed an insane number of Before Meteor soundtracks. Of course, he did many interviews with various video game websites and press, and may have revealed a few little things – but more on that later.

There was a special Titan Battle Challenge on the show floor, similar to the Ifrit Battle Challenge from E3. Not only was this the first time we’d seen any form of the Titan battle, but those who prevailed against him received an “I Beat Titan” T-Shirt! This challenge is going to be at PAX Prime, too, so for those of you attending, get practicing!


However, players who couldn’t make it all the way to Germany weren’t totally left out of the fun, as two whopping great trailers were also released. One gives a brief preview of the intense Primals battles (including Titan), and the other continues on from Dungeon Crawl Part 1, exploring the vast number of unique dungeons that will be available from launch.

Thankfully, those who did attend Gamescom were kind enough to bring all sorts of interviews back with them, packed with all sorts of interesting tidbits from Yoshida. In a brilliant interview with Dualshockers we got a small glimpse of the “Libra Eorzea” smartphone application, and Yoshida also alluded to plans for the next big patch. These include 1 new dungeon, 2 hardcore mode battle contents, the PvP colliseum (also known as the “Wolves’ Den”), housing system, endgame daily quests, the Crystal Tower, Good King Moggle Mog XII Battle, Ifrit Extreme and… something else he couldn’t give away just yet! Now I’d say that’s a lot of content.

Much more was said in the interview that may or may not take your interest, so I highly recommend you check it out for yourself over at Dualshockers.



Back at the Square Enix booth, attendees could admire a grand, life-size Chocobo statue, as well as some extremely detailed costumes from the live-action commercial! In fact, those weren’t the only costumes around. Many FFXIV fans showed up in some impressive cosplay. Check out Nael van Darnus and his Garlean army!


Overall, I’d say it seems like everybody did a stunning job of promoting A Realm Reborn at Gamescom. Let’s hope they pull off just as good a show at PAX Prime later this month!