If you haven’t already read it, Square-Enix made an important announcement directed towards its Final Fantasy XIV fans regarding the future of the game. Not only did they make announcements regarding sweeping staff changes, but changes that have pretty much shown how dedicated S-E is at setting things right by what many deemed to be a failed launch.

To summarize:

1. There will be TWO updates in December. We do not yet know the contents of the updates, but expect it to come very soon.
2. Free Trial continues until further notice.
3. Delayed release of PS3 version until PC version is up to par with S-E’s and the player’s expectations.
4. More frequent version updates.
5. A mention by Tanaka of reworking of game elements.
6. A Producer/Director whose top priority is customer satisfaction.

The new staff changes features people who have worked previously on other Final Fantasy titles, other titles for Square-Enix, and a huge unknown known as Naoki Yoshida. Amusingly enough even Yoshida has mentioned that not many will be familiar with his name and that he has practically been given a huge promotion by working on this title as he has no prior experience as a Producer at this capacity. Even the digging around that ZAM has done shows that Naoki Yoshida is pretty much our man of mystery.

The only thing that could sweeten this anymore would be to include Naoshi Mizuta; the composer of the music for much of the Final Fantasy XI expansions. Then again, I tend to have a very soft spot for the Chains of Promathia soundtrack and the battle music.

Its certainly going to be exciting to see where Yoshida takes this game that I and several others have grown to love despite its shortcomings. Though the delay of the PS3 release is saddening to many players both current and future, it should also be a reminder that the delay of the release can ensure that FFXIV’s second wave isn’t going to turn to a little ripple and instead give the game new life and vigor. Not many MMOs get a second chance, and the steps S-E has taken proves to show that S-E is doing whatever they can to prevent themselves from failing twice in a row in an increasingly crowded and unforgiving MMO market.

To the newly assembled FFXIV project team: good luck! We at Zantetsuken.net are looking forward to the updates with eager anticipation!