With A Realm Reborn’s release inching ever so closer, the people at SE’s XIV division not only have their hands full with trying to get things ready for the eventual release, but they’re also making sure that our appetites for the game are being satiated before we starve ourselves for days, while gorging ourselves in Eorzea (note: no one at SE nor Zantetsuken.net endorses players starve themselves; please remember to eat, drink, and get sunlight so you, too, can grow to be a healthy Malboro like Bayohne!).

Recently, a video has been released showcasing a slew of both new and old dungeons re-imagined in ARR. I know that I am VERY excited to test my mete against these higher level dungeons! Maybe I’ll get a chance to party with someone out there in one of these dungeons, too!

There were also a few pieces of concept art featuring some of the dungeons in the video. You can have a look at those below.