Bayohne was kind enough to share 2 new videos with us in his most recent dev blog post. One is yet another new TV commercial that will soon be airing in Japan, while the other shows off every Primal battle that we will be able to participate in at launch. This second video is being shown on the stage of Gamescom to wow the attendees!

I think the title “Million Visions” is rather fitting for this commercial, as it does a great job of representing the variety of fun on offer in A Realm Reborn. Let’s hope North America and Europe get some cool commercials like this in future too.

The “Primals Unleashed” video is an even more exciting watch, especially for those who have been clamouring to get a glimpse of the new Behemoth, Odin and Titan battles – all three of which are in this trailer!

Odin swings his sword dramatically for no particular reason and Titan throws his weight around, but we also get to see a large crowd of players test their strength against Behemoth. Yoshida has already mentioned before that Odin and Behemoth will be a part of special FATE battles, and this could be a glimpse of what we can expect. Be sure to turn your sound up too, because you won’t want to miss the awesome selection of music.

If that wasn’t enough to get you excited for launch, nothing will. I wonder if we’ll see any more interesting stuff from Gamescom in time for early access?