We may not have gotten any footage of the 2.0 trailer, but it looks like SquareEnix couldn’t resist throwing us a bone of some sort. What was released was actually a real time tech demo of what many of us in the FFXIV community have come to know of as the Luminous Studio game engine. It’s the developers of this next gen game engine that have created the game engine being used for FFXIV 2.0, set for release later this year. The tech demo itself is touted as the future of Final Fantasy games.

According to the gaming blog Gamasutra, Yoshihisa Hashimoto, Square Enix’s CTO, showed off this highly-detailed real-time tech demo called “Agni’s Philosophy” during an E3 presentation. He stressed repeatedly that rather than being pre-rendered footage, everything in the video, from the magical effects to the animation and lighting, is done completely in real time. He further demonstrated this by showing off an editing mode where hair, color, skin textures and other visual aspects could be changed on the fly.

Hashimoto went on to state that the game engine is still under development and not yet completed. He also stated that there is no Luminous Studio game currently under development. But those who have been following FFXIV’s revamp closely have already heard from Producer/Director Yoshida himself that the Luminous engine is not unrelated to FFXIV at all.

“The [Luminous] Engine is more developed for a console type of system,” Yoshida stated in a past interview with RPG Site. “To get something that would be more suited for an MMORPG, what we did was we borrowed some of the engineers that are working on the Luminous system, and had them help us rebuild an engine that would be able to display high quality graphics, but is more tweaked to displaying many of those rather than just a passive type of image. That’s what we’ve been doing.”

Since it’s likely that FFXIV’s custom game engine will use some of the same technology found in Luminous, we’re hoping that FFXIV will be able to be optimized to recreate some of the incredible rendering and effects seen in the video.

For just a tad bit more info, you can check out Agni’s Philosophy’s site here.