Many of us who have been playing FFXI and FFXIV for a while have already gotten used to the Security Token dongle we use whenever we log into these games. The dongle generates a one-time password and offers better overall security for player accounts. But these small physical pieces of plastic can get battered and bruised, broken, or lost.

Luckily enough, Square Enix has released a Software Token app— available on both Android and iOS devices. Once linked to your account, you can use the app to access a One-Time Password which can be used to log into Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV, or to simply gain access to the forums if you really love punishing yourself. Links are below for those of you interested in the app.


Screenshots of the Software Token app are below further still. Click on the images to enlarge them.



SE also has a guide to help you register and use the Software Token app if you need help navigating things. One important thing to note: If you’re already using a Security Token, you’ll need to remove it from your account before you’ll be able to use the Software Token app. You can’t have both registered at the same time, which is a bummer, but the Software Token app just might be more convenient in the end.