Information about the transfer of character data has also been announced alongside the Beta Phase 3 Server List  and Regional Server Status and World Transfer Details.  The outlined information includes topics about appearing in A Realm Reborn for the first time, modified data, starting cities, attribute points, class/job information, and more.

Due to the overhauled graphics engine and the introduction of new content, selecting your Version 1.0 character in A Realm Reborn will be slightly different than beginning anew.  No matter if your character fought against the Garlean Empire at the Battle of Carteneau, as Dalamud released a Behemoth serving of destruction, or if you were quietly dreaming of incubating an enormous egg for a few years, you will find yourself starting in A Realm Reborn with a new set of race-specific gear.

That is, only after determining how you might re-roll your character when logging into the first day of official service.  Your Elezen, whose neck is long and mighty, might be slightly altered into a Roegadyn female whose bust beauty is only matched by her brawn!  Other applicable information includes starting cities, which will be tied to your selected class of choice:

Starting Class Guild Location
Arcanist *
Limsa Lominsa

Players are no longer able to start the game as a Disciple of Hand or Land.  Speaking of disciplines, all attribute points will be reset, and will differ from Version 1.0 due to basic systems rebalancing for the relaunch of FFXIV.  However, all class and job levels will be retained and Version 1.0 characters will have instant access to the armory system. Abilities and actions have also been added to each class and can only be obtained through class-specific quests. In these instances, Version 1.0 characters will have to obtain them the old-fashioned way.

While on the topic of quests, although eventually we’ll have the ability to view completed 1.0 quests from the Journal menu, this won’t be available in Phase 3. All main quests, side quests, class quests, and job quests have been redesigned, including the sidequest “A Relic Reborn”.  In this case, your progress is saved, but no further details were given as to how that progression will be ported to release.

Items held during the final save of Version 1.0 back in November 1st, 2012, have also been transferred over to A Realm Reborn.  As previously stated, some items were made obsolete and will not be in your inventory upon logging in. Some of these obsolete items, such as arrows, throwing weapons, and some crafting items) will be turned into gil. Other items will not be immediately available in players’ inventory, but can be retrieved by a Calamity Salvager NPC at the following locations:

1 2 3
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks, (X:11,Y:14) Old Gridania, (X:10,Y:8) Ul’dah: Merchant’s Strip – Steps of Thal, (X:12,Y:13)

Likewise, retainers are ported in a similar vein and can be rehired by speaking with one of the following NPCs:

9723_0 9723_1 9723_2
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks, (X:8,Y:11) Old Gridania, (X:14,Y:9) Ul’dah: Merchant’s Strip, (X:13,Y:9)

Grand Companies for Version 1.0 characters will require progressing through the new Main Scenario quest line in order to enlist.  Doing so will allow players to join a new Grand Company if they choose to do so.  If the player chooses their original Grand Company, their rank and seals will be restored; however, should they choose a new Grand Company, they will lose such benefits.  All would not be lost, as the ability to transfer to a different Grand Company will be implemented in an update following the start of official service. Linkshells will remain intact should the sack holder move to another World and a new leader will be automatically selected from the remaining members.  No further details were provided. Friend lists and Blacklists will transfer to Version 2.0 A Realm Reborn, but players who remain on your selected World will be displayed as pending and will have to be re-confirmed.  Likewise, players who are no longer on the same server as you will no longer appear on your lists.

One feature/ability that will not be affected by Grand Company status for Version 1.0 characters will be the ability to call personal chocobos and goobues, since the chocobo whistle and goobue horn are no longer key items. They will instead appear in your inventory upon logging in.  Additionally, Version 1.0 players will be able to rename their personal chocobo by speaking to the Wandering Minstrel NPC located outside each of the Grand Company headquarters! Other systems such as maps, aetheryte attenuation, and macros will have to be rediscovered or recreated.

Finally, the new Lodestone appears to be almost ready for launch.  Although more details are to be announced at a later date, the team informed us that both the old and new Lodestones would be operating simultaneously for a brief time prior to the former being archived.

You can check out the original announcement on The Lodestone.