Although our podcast, Sequence Break XIV, isn’t the most widely known or popular, we know that we have some incredibly awesome and enthusiastic listeners that have come out from pockets of space to let us know that they love what we do. Even if it’s something experimental, such as the After Show episodes for SBXIV or SBR, or our awkward attempts at doing a live show on Twitch. Although we primarily do the show for our entertainment, we have always taken a lot of joy and pride in what we do to help contribute to the community in our own (derptastic) way.

As we have continued to push out new episodes, one thing that hasn’t changed is finding ways to make things better, not just for our sanity but for yours as well. We knew we were getting off topic and wanted to talk about other things, hence the creation of the After Show episodes and later the creation of a completely new show: Sequence Break Radio. Moving forward, I wanted to help give a voice to the people who have either found their voices drowned out by the vocal majority, or by the flood of other thoughts and opinions that also deserve equal weight and consideration. As someone who is incredibly shy and quiet around strangers, I know how hard it is to get the courage to speak and articulate what is on your mind. The fear of not counting or “being worth talking to” is something that often frightens me and silences me before I am able to say a word.

I came up with a new show after being inspired by other shows: Hydaelyn Live. The show itself is meant to help promote open and thoughtful discussion on topics that matter to the members of the Final Fantasy XIV community. My responsibilities with the show will be minor, relegated to the occasional guest host spot and the primary “person that just nods and makes sure things are a-ok”. This is due to increasing responsibilities with work, school, and Zantetsuken & Sequence Break. I also did not want to overwhelm the main cast of Sequence Break with this endeavor due to their engagement on our two primary shows.

Instead, I turned to the community and asked for the help of two engaging members of the community. You may know these people as Shinaux Mouri (James Taurasi) and Cin Lyhn (Cindy Michaud) from Voices of the Ascended, Game Latte, and other shows where they are co-host or guesting on. Their role and the purpose of the show is to help find the voices within the community, and to engage them in discussion on one to two topics each episode. They will take the usual “Round Table” discussion portion of our podcast and open it to the public for more in-depth conversations with other people who may be able provide either greater insight or another angle of perspective, something that five friends may not be able to explore fully in a short amount of time.

We have one more show, spearheaded by Rubicon, that will be announced in the future, but for now our current lineup is as follows:


Sequence Break XIV


A show covering the news on Final Fantasy XIV. We will include guests from within the community that have either done something cool or who just want to hang out. We also plan to continue to keep our Round Table Discussion, and include episodes focusing on particular classes, jobs, and content to help even the most casual of players informed of the inner workings of Eorzea.

Sequence Break Radio

Our off topic show that is still in its experimental stages. We go in depth on topics that matter to us.

Sequence Break – After Dark

Our live show segment. It may be a part of Radio, but who knows? It’s a mess. Listen to us live. Sometimes Yelta and Rubicon get drunk, sometimes I’m tired, and we definitely derp. Hard. We’ve tried engaging with our listeners during this show, but we may focus more on showing how derpy we are in game.

Hydaelyn Live

Hosts Shinaux and Siali invite the community to join them in more focused round table style discussion on topics that matter to the Final Fantasy XIV community. These shows are live, but will have an audio component available to download on our website.