We’re looking for writers to join the Zantetsuken team! Zantetsuken was always meant to be sort of an online magazine, and we want to expand on that idea. But in order to do that, we need writers that can provide us with content. We’re not looking for someone who will just copy and paste content from the Lodestone. We need people that can write articles about the game, including news, updates, opinion pieces, weekly columns, how-to’s, or anything else that might be cool. Most importantly, we want people who are also passionate about Final Fantasy XIV.

*Please take note that this is a volunteer position. We do this site as a hobby and to support the FFXIV community, and we need people who can approach the position in the same manner.

Getting your foot in the door.

So if you’re still interested in joining us after all our unreasonable demands, then shoot us an email at contact@zantetsuken.net including the information below:

  • Real Name
  • Age
  • Character name
  • Server you played on in FFXIV 1.0
  • Any classes or jobs that you’ve maxed in FFXIV
  • Other MMOs you’ve played besides FFXIV
  • A sample or two of your writing as an attachment to the email.

We’ll let you know once we’ve received your application before we review it, so please be patient. We’re fairly busy and it’s possible we might not get to it right away, but rest assured, we’ll get to it as soon as humanly possible. If you’re interested, please get your application in as soon as possible. We’ll make a decision sooner or later based on the emails we’ve received, so you don’t want to be left out!