Recently, we announced a Poster Contest courtesy of your hosts from the Sequence Break XIV podcast. The prize was the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary poster given out during PAX Prime 2012. We received some nice entries for our very first contest and we’d like to thank everyone that entered. Unfortunately, only 3 people could win this time around, and it was a tough choice since they were all great. Here are the three winners below:

Delita Heiraal

I will miss this lovely Elezen. It was love at first sight. Our eyes met, she asked me if I would like to go to a campfire later and I said, “Of course!” She told me to write my name down and meet her outside of Ul’dah. I ran quickly beyond the walls to a small clearing and found a group of people. And the next thing I know, I was being chased by giant flaming bombs! I tried running away but the bombs were relentless. I literally danced for my life! After many burns and scrapes, and being treated by the Alchemist’s guild for weeks and weeks, I returned to the street in search of the girl. But alas, she was gone. If you are still out there and can hear me sweet Miette, you stole my heart and burnt my hair, but I’ll still miss you!


I started playing FFXIV when the Alpha 1st time was released and I have had 3 characters that I have played with – One of them was Leilani Wildfire who was such an inspiration to me that I even wrote a little story around her and she had her own blog for a while (

I have made so many friends in the game with all of my characters and these people in the picture were one of the first ones I ever played with. Unfortunately they don’t play anymore but luckily one of them is my real life friend so we keep in touch and hopefully play the game together again in the future.

I will miss all the people I play with and hope to keep in touch with most of them while the servers are down, the game wouldn’t be anything without the people in it.

And about this picture…

Well – we were exploring Thanalan with our low level characters and many times got killed. This was back in the day where you found lvl 50 ants near low level camps and mages had TP moves, it was a lot of fun though and I was very proud to be one of the first people to have explored all the little corners of places such as Mor Dhona and Coerthas. When we told the linkshell that there was a city in the end of the Coerthas everyone wanted to go there (Naturally we didn’t tell them that you in fact couldn’t get in there…)… Ah the good old times.

The lonely Dodo who rudely photobombed our lovely picture was later on slaughtered and turned into yummy grilled dodo steaks!

Pirika Pyo

As we head into FFXIV:ARR the thing I will miss most is the international server population. I know the new servers won’t be segregated, but because of the new regional server locations I know people will be very inclined to pick a server in their part of the world, making less of an international population on all servers. I will miss joining a party at 6am my time, only to have everyone greet me with よろしく!

This is a picture of me with my Japanese friend Pico Leaf on the day we earned our White Mage artifact armor together.


We’ll be emailing the winners soon so we can get their information and send them their goodies as soon as possible. Thanks again to all the participants that made this contest a success!