Thanks to the folks from GamerEscape and Aetheryte Radio (/wave Fusion!), we have TEN Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary posters to give away! These posters were given away during the special event at PAX Prime in Seattle, WA and were given to us to give to YOU.

How To Win

If you haven’t listened to our latest episode of Sequence Break XIV, our contest is rather simple: Each week we will give away an x amount of posters until all ten are given out. This week we are giving away three posters for three lucky individuals. The catch? You need to send us a screenshot and an optional story of what you will miss when the servers are shut down and when we launch into ARR! Where does this entry go? Well, you can either post a comment here or be snazzy and e-mail us your entry at We will announce the winners on episode 41 of SBXIV as well as the next contest details.

Preview of the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Poster

Now, the nitty gritty!

Rules and Restrictions

#1) We can only ship to the United States or Canada. :( Sorry to the folks that live outside that region!

#2) To be fair to the other contestants, you may only win once. If we suspect you of trying to win two or more, we will disqualify the other entries.

#3) You don’t need to purchase anything, sell us your soul, or let me eat you. Seriously! But don’t expect us to exchange it for anything. We are broke folks!

If you have any questions then feel free to post a comment here, harass us on twitter, or send us an e-mail.