Eorzea is home to a multitude of delectable dishes and desserts that not only fill your everyday adventurers’ stomachs, but also give them a boost in battle. There are currently close to around 300 different recipes for culinarians to take part in. That doesn’t mean we couldn’t stand to have a few more, right?

To illustrate that, SBXIV is holding a new contest! We want to know what your ideal FFXIV recipe would be, using ingredients that can only be found in Eorzea. It doesn’t matter if it’s a particular dish you’d love to see in the game, or if it’s just something completely original of your own. We’re not expecting you to do this for free of course. The winner gets a mount of their choice from the Mog Station.

So how about it? The contest ends on May 31, and we’ll be announcing the winners the very next show after that. We’re excited to see what the foodies and culinarians of Eorzea can come up with!

  • Entrants must create and submit a recipe using ingredients only found in Eorzea
  • Recipes must be submitted via email at
  • All recipes must be submitted by 11:59 PM PST, May 31, 2016
  • The winner will be announced on the next episode of SBXIV after that date.
  • The reward will be one mount from the Mog Station. This includes the new Bennu mount, or any mount of same or lesser value.
  • If you have any questions about the contest, feel free to email us at, or drop us a line @sbxiv.