Hi everyone, Calaera here. As I have mentioned on a recent episode of SBXIV (I believe 103), I have some goodies (stickers, pins, and a few zipper pulls) to hand out. I have a limited supply of them, but I want to give them out to either fans that were unable to come to Fan Fest or who I missed catching at Fan Fest.

You do not need to buy anything, but if you are able to help me out with postage and supplies? That would be fucking awesome. To do so, just use the donate with PayPal button. Other than that, email me at with your name and address. And for the paranoid folks out there, I don’t plan to do anything with your information. I plan to write out the information on the envelopes, delete the email, and send it off. If I happen to run out and your email is still sitting in my inbox? I’ll send you an apology, delete your email, empty out my trash, and leave it at that.

If you want the stuff, please email me as soon as possible. First come will be first served.

SBXIV Zipper Pull

SBXIV “Angry Calaera” themed zipper pulls.

SBXIV @ Sequence Break Buttons.

SBXIV “Senpai Noticed You” Stickers.