Fall has arrived in the northern hemisphere and Halloween is right around the corner. Help us celebrate the most orange and black of holidays.

How To Enter

  • Step 1: Obtain pumpkin
  • Step 2: Craft pumpkin into something Final Fantasy related
  • Step 3: Take picture of your pumpkin masterpiece
  • Step 4: Email your picture to podcast@zantetsuken.net
  • Three talented pumpkin crafters will be rewarded with prizes!

Rules n’ stuff

  • Your entry must contain a pumpkin* and have a Final Fantasy Theme**.
  • When taking a picture of your entry write SBXIV on a piece of paper that can be seen in the photo. For jack-o’-lanterns also send a picture with the lights off.
  • We can only ship to the United States or Canada.  Sorry to the folks that live outside that region!
  • To be fair to the other contestants, you may only win once. However you may enter more than one item.
  • You don’t need to purchase anything.***
  • Winning entries will be featured on the website

*or turnip if you feel the need to be historically accurate.
**any FF, not just XIV
***from us anyway… you might need to buy a pumpkin.


Submissions must be received before November 1st. Winners will be announced in the following podcast.


We don’t know, Yelta is lazy and hasn’t picked them up yet.