Hi everyone! Calaera here. Do you ever think about where Carbuncle comes from? No, not the folklore or the in-game lore that surrounds Carbuncle. Pfbt, please. That’s what ‘normal’ people do. Have you listened to the folks on this podcast? Yeah, anything but normal.

That is why we want you to help us. Sometimes we are bored out of our minds. Sometimes we could use a good laugh or smile or snicker (both the food and the swanky lip movement), but honestly? We just need a reason to give away a pretty ol’ stuffed Topaz Carbuncle a friend picked up at the San Diego Comic Con. So here are the details:

  • Shoot an email to podcast@zantetsuken.net
  • Title your email “Where Carbuncles Are Born From”
  • Write as short or as long an email as you want telling us where they are born from. Don’t be boring and write about the lore. You can write something absurd like, “One day mommy Hydaelyn and daddy ______ spent one fantastic night together, etc….” Entertain us. Please, entertain us. If your entry is boring as hell, you can be sure we will hit the delete button and there goes your contest entry.

The entry that is the most entertaining will be awarded the prize of one stuffed Topaz Carbuncle which will not only be your companion in real life, but in game as well with an included in-game code!

The deadline for this contest is July 31, 2015 and is open to everyone world wide!