Recorded August 3, 2015. The Whispering Dawn podcast joins us. We talk about the recent patch, the difficulties of working together with other players, and the woes of crafting. We also reveal the winner of our Topaz Carbuncle Grand Prix Contest. Free Company member @j0shimitsu also joins us as a guest!

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SBXIV’s Topaz Carbuncle Grand Prix Contest Winner Announced!

The contest is over and we have our winner. The winner is a submission from a listener by the name of Liz. Congrats on winning the Topaz Carbuncle! We’ll be contacting you via email shortly. For those of you who are curious, the submission is reprinted below!

Some people like to say that Carbuncles are born from hopes and dreams, or some shit like that.

But I know the truth.

Carbuncles are born from the mouths of tanks who eat dirt when they’re confronted with a pull too big with a healer on cleric stance.

Carbuncles are born from the screams of agony when you hit a PUG where the summoner doesn’t take their pet off sic while attacking the spiny plume from Garuda and it kills it before the barrier goes up.

Carbuncles are born from the ashes of the players who refuse to stack on Titan’s ass during upheaval, even after 3 tries and a stack of echo.

They’re born from every time you go to farm for gear, only to find it drops when you’re playing as a different class- and of course, the BLM with a level 10 PLD greeds and gets it over your 50 PLD.

This would probably explain the overpopulation of them.

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